Get your #spoonburn ticket today. See below for more details.

What is #spoonburn?

#spoonburn is Muensters oldest spoon carving event. Established in 2018 by Georg (schorsch555), it grew year by year and became a lovely non profit community event.

As a spoon carver, you should participate the whole weekend, Friday till Sunday  

As a beginner, join our classes on Saturday and stay for BBQ & party in the evening!

In 2020 & 2021, the event took place down by the river (dbtr_life), but as we continue to grow and wanted to become more weather independent, we changed the location.

As we need to pay for this new location, we need to become a little more professional – while still keeping up the spirit of a non profit community event.

  • Non profit community event
  • Community self catering
  • Family, friends & kids are highly welcome
  • It’s not all about spoon carving – but it’s about spoon carving


Current planning, we decide details at short notice & together


  • From on 3 PM: arrival
  • Afternoon: Carve & Talk
  • Evening: Show & Tell, Shop & Swop
  • At Night: RUAC Special


  • Morning: Carve & Coffee
  • 11 AM: Classes I: Best Practices: axting & spoon mule (app. 3 hrs)
  • 2PM: Classes II: Spoon carving for beginners (app. 4 hrs)
  • Evening: BBQ
  • At Night: Live Music & Party
  • At Midnight: #spoonburn


  • Morning: Carve & Coffee
  • Noon: Farewell lunch / Yesterday’s leftovers & Cleanup
  • Afternoon: Last Carve & Departure

Want to participate?

As we need to plan a bit (sleeping areas & parking lots) and get some contribution to our expenses (music, location), we need to sell tickets this year. As mentioned, this is a non profit event. If we sell more tickets than needed, we will spend the money on drinks, meat & other common things.




One ticket for all nights – just for planning reasons.